Referral Policy and Services 

Clients of the AAEFB must receive a referral from an approved agency prior to receiving assistance.
Clients may garner a referral from:
Below, are the guidelines that the agency and client must follow. Agencies or potential clients may 
call (706) 353-8182 from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm to have questions addressed.

1. Since we only serve residents of Clarke County, every adult living in the home
must have proof of address. Appropriate proof of address includes utility bills,
rent receipts, new leases, utility connections, etc. (all dated within the last 30
days). A driver's license is not acceptable proof of address. We must serve the
entire household together and you should encourage your client to gather all
necessary documents for the entire family. If the client refuses to collect all
necessary documents, they may jeopardize their eligibility immediately or they
may jeopardize other family members or their own future eligibility.

2. You should list the family members by seeing the actual social security card,
Medicaid card, or birth certificate. For children, you must see a Medicaid card or
insurance card to show that they are in the home. For any person age 17 and
up, you must see social security card and provide number on the form.

3. The non-resident aliens who do not have social security numbers must be
sent to the ARK to have numbers issued in place of social security numbers prior
to coming to the food bank. Homeless persons must be sent to the Division of Family 
and Children Services referrals.

4. Please make sure the city and zip code are included with the clients' address.

5. We prefer that "no food" not be used as reason for emergency need but
instead, what caused there to be no food, i.e.: recently unemployed or food
stamps late.

6. Please include your phone number when you sign the referral form so that we
may contact you if necessary.

7. It is important that you call us to verify eligibility before giving the referral form
to your client. Those calls can only be made between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
Do not give the referral to your client until you have spoken with us.
If the referral form is not properly completed or documented, or if you fail to call
the food bank to confirm eligibility, your client may not be served.

Food Package Descriptions:

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